Family and Wellness Day 2023

Family and Wellness Day 2023

Rubicon’s annual Wellness and Family Day was held at Parc 73 in Prairieville on Saturday, May 20th. Over 330 associates, contractors and their guests participated in the wellness screenings such as blood pressure checks, carotid artery scans, and chair massages. 

Attendees enjoyed delicious crawfish, hamburgers, hotdogs, and desserts. Children of all ages enjoyed inflatables, rock climbing, face painting, balloon artists, train rides, cotton candy and much more! Sixteen amazing door prizes were given to attendees, ranging from electronics to sporting goods! We appreciate all who participated and volunteered to make this event a success! 

2023 Golf Tournament

2023 Golf Tournament

Rubicon celebrated its twenty-fifth annual golf tournament on Tuesday, April 25, 2023. The tournament was hosted at the University Club with thirty-six team sponsors and thirty-four hole sponsors and raised a total of $150,000! The tournament’s funds went to benefiting Dreams Come True of Louisiana, Mary Bird Perkins Cancer Center and Huntsman Career Institute.

Many sponsors also donated food and door prizes to the event. Many thanks to the committee members and all the volunteers for their efforts to ensure the tournament was an incredible success. (Committee Members: Sherrie Kinamore, Valerie Allbritton, Laurie Holden, Wade Patrick, Jared Bercegeay and Rory Mumphrey)

Rubicon Donates to Ascension Parish School Board

Rubicon Employees with donation, Rubicon Donates to Ascension Parish School Board

Rubicon presented their annual donation check to the Ascension Parish School Board on Tuesday, February 7, 2023. Each year Rubicon supports their adopted school Duplessis Primary along with East Ascension, St. Amant and Dutchtown High Schools.

Each campus allocates the funds they receive to areas that benefit both the students and the staff. Academic program subscriptions and licenses and the purchase of additional Robotics Programs supplies are just a few of the areas that our donation helps to fund. Rubicon is proud to support the schools in our parish that are creating brighter futures for students.

2022 Academic Achievement Award Winners

2022 Performance Awards, 2022 Academic Achievement Award Winners

Congratulations to the 2022 Academic Achievement Award Winners!

Jack Guidry – Son of Craig Guidry in MDI 1 

Ariana Zerangue – Daughter of David Zerangue in S&OP

Ethan Arceneaux – Son of Seth Arceneaux in EHS 

Olivia Jackson – Daughter of Darren Jackson in Polyols

2022 Performance Awards

2022 Performance Awards, 2022 Academic Achievement Award Winners

JUNE 2022

Ibrahim Mohammed, Stephy Leyoub, Tanner Mayo and Tracy Babin

JULY 2022

Alex Marse, Brett Hebert, Cody Anderson, Jody Rasch, Justin Holt, Kristie Forbes, Mark Mcllwain and Scott Donaldson


Anthony Nelson, Mark Graham, Seth Arceneaux, Steve Guerin and Wade Patrick


Adam Brown, Brett Juneau, Carlos Arauz, Isaac Gutierrez Rodriguez, Nell Guedry, Richard Venable, Tracy Babin and Carla McCallister


Adam Brown, Brandon Samanie, Brooke Laird, Christopher Seese, Chuck Jubin, Cole LeBlanc, Devin Rodosta, Gabriel Rouge, Jason Talbot, Jeffery Fontenot, Jonathon Simpson, Justin Boudreaux, Kevin Pearson, Khalil Hamed, Kyle Martinez, Lance LeBlanc, Liz Warren, Nicholas Amoroso, Paul Merritt, Ryan Melancon, Troy Marino, Warren Roberts and Zachary Dornier


Alex Watts, Bruce Pennington, Craig Guidry, Darren Samanie, Ibrahim Mohammed, Tanner Mayo, Troy Bass, VJ Saurage, Luis Murillo, Donald Primeaux, Matthew Imme, Robert Harp, Cameron White, Tonka Delatte, Kyle Dugas, Landon Sing, Chaz Bourgeois, Adam Rouillier, Chad Chauvin, Cole LeBlanc and Stanley Gibbs


Cody Anderson, Leroy Williams III, Jared Hidalgo, Paul Merritt, Kolton Delaune, Kyle Devall, Andrew Paulsen, Lane Savoy, Brian Hebert, Allen Villnuve and Devin Rodosta

Fall 2022 Rubicon Open Golf (FROG)

Fall 2022 Rubicon Open Golf (FROG)

After a two-year hiatus, the 2022 “FROG” was held at Beaver Creek golf course in Zachary, LA on October 10th and October 13th. The tournament featured close to sixty golfers vying for the title of “King Frog.” The staff at Beaver Creek did an outstanding job hosting the tournament.

HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE TOURNAMENT • The title of “King Frog” was once again captured by Johnny Hernandez. Johnny bested the field by shooting a nice score of 75. • Rob Kieferle, Val Saurage, and Devin Rodosta were able to capture 1st place in their respective flights. • This year’s tournament features a first-ever Senior Flight. Retiree Lane Savoy claimed 1st place in the Senior Flight. • Retirees were well represented in the final results with Chris Prejean, and Rob Moore claiming 2nd place in their respective flights.

2022 Rubicon R.E.A.L. Awards

Ashely Landry and Erin Valentine, 2022 Rubicon R.E.A.L. Awards

Two Awarded R.E.A.L. Scholarship Awards at RPCC Awards Extended to non-traditional students attending River Parish Community College.

Rubicon awarded two River Parishes Community College students with a Rubicon REAL scholarship award. The two winners were Ashley Landry and Erin Valentine. These individuals have proven themselves dedicated to their college careers despite having to work full-time or nearly full-time to support themselves and their families. 

Ashely Landry and Erin Valentine are both Process Technology students at the Luling, Louisiana campus. Rubicon REAL (Rubicon Empowering Adult Learning) Awards are awarded to assist students with educational expenses while working. 

These scholarships are merit-based and primarily focused on adult learners, typically considered non-traditional, who desire to continue their education. The REAL Awards give back to those who show dedication to continuing their education.

“River Parishes Community College and the RPCC Foundation are incredibly proud to have Rubicon as a partner. The Rubicon REAL scholarships are an innovative way to make dreams available to the working adults in our community. Together we are changing lives through education and employment opportunities.” — Lillie Murphy, RPCC Development

For more information or how to apply, visit the RPCC financial aid office for more information regarding this scholarship award.

2022 Service Award Recipients

2022 Service Award Recipients

35 Years: 

David Berthelot and Anthony Swan

30 Years:

Neal Grob, John Kennedy, Brian Maiocchi, Jason Melancon, Lance Schexnaydre and Kenneth Vampran

25 Years:

James Allbright Clyde Arnold Mark Bourque Louis Franklin, Andrew Lilly, Luis Murillo, Jon Schmidt and Jay Theriot

20 Years:

John Aubert, Kelly Bordelon, Rose Brown, Don Delatte, Gerald Fitzgerald, Todd Guedry, Phillip Kerr, Tammy Melancon and Valecia Murphy

15 Years:

Kevin Black, Scott Donaldson, Chad Gladden, Caleb Heath, Stephen Lejeune, Kyle R. Martinez, Robert Reddix, Thomas Sevario, Quinn Templet, Brian Tureau and Gerald Zeller

10 Years:

Cole Babin, Margaret Bergeron, Clifford Claiborne, Stephanie Gautreaux, Stanley Johnson, Michael Landry and Ryan Langley

5 Years:

Marcus Bailey, Brant Balado, Troy Bass, Brad Battaglia, John Boudreaux, Natalie Brassard, Adam Brown, Brandon Brown, Nicholas Casemore, Anthony Centanni, Corey Clebert, Russell Evans, Kevin Grant, Isaac Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Larry Hayes, Dwayne Hebert, Christopher Higginbotham, Ryan Housley,  Jesse Jubin, Neil Landry, Thomas Martinez-Servantez, Evan Pellegrin, Tony Raffray, Adam Revette, Branson Rivett, Cameron Rozier, William Rudisill, Danaray Sampson, Kari Stiles,  Eric Swan, Paul Uitto, Jacob Watson, Timothy White, Hope Whittington and Frederick Wolsefer

Employee Spotlight: Phil Kerr

Phil Kerr

What is your favorite thing about working at Rubicon? 

The friendly cooperation is what makes Rubicon so special. 

Name one thing you love about your job. 

Completing solutions to tough problems, and marking it finished! 

Do you have a nickname on site? 

Kerr Dog maybe? There are probably others. 

What are your top three life highlights? 

Confirmation. Marriage. My two sons. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

Workouts, various projects (house/boat/auto/ lawn/etc.), hopefully sleep. 

What’s one thing on your bucket list? 

Invent something useful. 

Name 3 things you can’t live without. 

God first. Family is a strong second. Coffee. 

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring? 

A RO unit, fishing tackle and my wife. 

What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? 

I’m allergic to TV.

Employee Spotlight: Alicia Sonnier

Alicia Sonnier and Family

What is your position at Rubicon, and how long have you worked here? 

Production Statistician, 1.5 years. 

What is your favorite thing about working at Rubicon?

The employee-focused culture.

Name one thing you love about your job. 

This is a position that is always evolving, so there are constantly new things for me to learn. 

Do you have a nickname on site? 


What are your top three life highlights? 

My marriage of 21 years, and my two children. 

What do you do in your spare time? 

Yoga, Cooking, Spending time with family and friends. 

What’s one thing on your bucket list? 

To put in a pool and outside kitchen at my house. 

Name 3 things you can’t live without. 

Family, Coffee, Music. 

If you were stuck on an island what three things would you bring?

Coffee, yoga mat, satellite phone. 

What’s something about you (a fun fact) that not many people know? 

I’m a vegetarian.